Walked me through

The sweet grass

of the Cats’


Dried flowers

Crunched underfoot

Dancing with the groomsmen

Weaved me through

Little Italy

Full of wine and

Lovers’ eyes

Twinkling above the

Christmas light pastries.

Past the rain

Of Chinatown

Glistening firecracker

Warning signs.

Still we walked on

Through one job, then another

Around winter-cracked streets

Running into

And then away from




There’s a banana under my seat 

And I have tickets to a show

And I’ve been drinking 

For the past two days


The man across from me is asleep 

Why is there a banana under my seat?

My skateboard wheels need tightening 

I have work at five tonight

And I haven’t done laundry 

For the past three weeks

Or so 

I slipped back again. 

Ludlow coffee on my teeth 

Diner coffee’s always better

It’s hot and cheap 

And the ghosts keep you company

While your eyes glaze over 

Dunkin Donuts style 

There’s a man asking for change 

But doesn’t want the food I offer

Maybe he wants the banana 

Or just my time. 

It’s not even real 

And it’s not even mine

But it browns&peels 

All the same.


Project a new world vision  

While conversing with the stars

Make a small decision 

Up on that old roof

To let your voice rust and cleave

To sit quiet and count the years 

Until you can leave

And live in the land of no fear 

Now I’m here and 

I’m here and 

I’m here and 


It’s so quiet soft peaceful 

But I found to my dismay 

I can’t speak 

Without showing my 

Voice’s decay. 

It took me years to know 

I had to paint myself 

A mouth. 


When I spoke 

Colors would fall out. 

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